Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cost of Joining your Community

Nothing, joining our Community is free, we just ask our members to help us grow the site by submitting new information and checking the data that is already on the site.

Can I submit Deities to be added to the Site

Absolutely, in fact we hope you do.
If you would like to submit articles, photographs or suggestions for additional Deities, please go here.

Can I point out mistakes in the biographies or Deity indentity details.

Absolutely, in fact we hope you do, if you find an Error, please go here to let us know.

Can I submit & use Images on the Discussion Page

Yes please, we are always pleased to receive new images. However, in order to reduce the size to make uploading & downloading manageable and speedy, please convert them to jpeg (jpg) format with a width of 800 pixels and compress them. If you are not familiar with how to complete these tasks, please see here for Mac OS & here for Windows PC's..

Copies of these documents can be downloaded from our
Downloads area.

What are your Site Policies

Our Site has a full set of Policies, we are a non-commercial site, providing a resource for anyone interested in the subject of Chinese Deities. You can view all our published policies from the links below :-

Privacy Policy
Terms & Conditions
Comments Policy

Getting Involved

We are keen to get our followers involved in helping us expand and improve our website. There are many opportunities from reporting typographical errors to providing new content for inclusion on the website.

One large task is converting all the "old" Wade Giles transcriptions into the more modern and current Pinyin system for transcribing Mandarin text into English characters.

If you would like to start the process of getting involved, please contact us through the
Getting Involved form.

Why are there Incorrect Mandarin Scripts and old style Wade Giles Transcriptions

You may see corrupted Mandarin script while navigating the website. This is the result of old fonts used in Keith Steven╩╝s articles no longer in use.

Keith Stevens used the Wade-Giles format for the text of most of his articles, which formed the basis for our website . We have changed format to the more commonly used Pinyin for all the Deity file headings. However, there is still a lot of Wade Giles in the Deity biographies. It was simply too massive a job to convert the entire text when we launched the website in mid 2020.

We will try slowly but surely complete the transformation, but it will take time to accomplish.

If you would like to help us with this task, please contact us through the
Getting Involved Form.

I see q.v. in a lot of the biographies, what does it mean ?

q.v. is a shorthand for the Latin "Quod Vide", which means "look up and see". It was at one time use a lot especially in books and written text. It has been replaced with links in modern electronic publishing. It does not stand for Quo Vadis , which always reminds me of the famous classic Roman era movie of that name, made in 1951.

Wherever you come across q.v. in the text on our website it means that the Deity referenced has also been covered in another article within the website.

Just use the search functions available for the Deity listings to discover the additional information.

We have kept the use of q.v. going because it keeps the original style of our website progenitor Keith Stevens alive.

You can find Detailed Instructions on using the search functionality in the guide.

How Do I use the Website

The Website has a lot of functionality, so we have included a number of Guides and Instructions. These are individually referenced at various places on the website. In addition, they are all available for Download from the Download Center and are listed on the Resources Page.

In addition, many of the Website pages have a small blue circle with a Question Mark at the top right hand side. Clicking this brings down a Link to the Guide for that specific page.